Scott D. Wiele Bio

June 24, 2016
Years ago, Scott D. Wiele saw the need to establish a contractor capable of providing the best quality industrial cleaning and environmental services for businesses. He wanted to create a company that used strategies that were more efficient and far less costly than the scant few options available. That is why he founded EverKleen.

Under the leadership of Scott D. Wiele, EverKleen has assembled one of the most experienced and knowledgeable management and production teams in the cleaning and painting business, and they know how to make it all work. The EverKleen team is very keen on creating an excellent customer experience. One reason for that is because they stick to Mr. Wiele's core values.

Scott believes that every job EverKleen does has to be done safely, at a fair price and in an environmentally responsible manner and that each and every job must be completed with the client’s needs in mind. If the client isn’t satisfied, neither is EverKleen.


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